"Winners never quit and quitters never win!"

About me

About me


„Quitters never win, winners never quit!“ – that’s not just my motto in sports, but also my life philosophy. And there is a reason to it.
In my childhood and teenage times I used to be ranked around the last positions in competitions. But I didn’t really mind, until the day that I will nev er forget and that changed my attitude completely.

One day our team decidedominik_windisch_jugendd to make a relay competition just for fun, but I was chosen last into the team, because no one believed in my abilities. This motivated me to show everyone that I could do better than they expected and in the end I was able to beat my opponent which surprised everyone. I was really proud about my performance and my fighting spirit awakened. From that moment on, I started working hard and could improve myself step by step. I experienced more and more small successes, which increased my motivation to the point when I decided to dedicate my life to biathlon.

My professional training started. After some years of tireless efforts I finally won the bronze medal in the relay of the Youth World Championships 2008, which marked the beginning of my professional career as this enabled me to enter the Italian National Team.
Throughout the years I have always had great support from my family, which also helped me to realize my dream. My idol has always been my older brother Markus, who has also been a biathlete for many years and who helped and still helps me with his experience and knowledge, whenever I need him.


felix_und_dominikSince 2011 I have been taking part in World Cup competitions now and there have not only been successful moments, but also throwbacks. However, even though not every race is optimal, I never give up. Only contrary such failures even motivate me to do better and to never quit!

It’s not just winning that counts, but also small successes are important and give me energy to continue my way! As long as you believe in your abilities and fight for your goals, nothing is impossible!!





Name: Dominik Windisch
Birthday: 6. November 1989
Hometown: Oberrasen / Pustertal
Hobbies: drawing, meeting friends, watching movies, reading, woodcarving
Sport: Biathlon
Trainingcenter: Antholz
Team: CS Esercito
1st World Cup Start: 2011 Sprint Oslo
Skies: Rossignol
Shoes: Rossignol
Bindings: Rossignol
Glasses: Julbo
Poles: Leki