"Winners never quit and quitters never win!"

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New book release (language: German)
THE RIGHT MOMENT – At the top and yet never arrived – my passion biathlon
“Did you see? Today I was better than usual! I came third last! Brilliant!”

I was not a typical winner and yet I did it: I never let defeats get me down, analysed my runs down to the smallest detail and trained my body and mind to become who I am today: one of the most successful Italian biathletes of the past decades.

My mostly unexpected successes in competition with the best biathletes in the world have one thing in common: I was there at the right moment and ran to the top when nobody expected me.

In this book, together with my long-time manager Sascha Russotti, I look back on my career and give an insight into the world of professional sport, which otherwise only those involved know: I tell of the mental pressure before the races and how I withstood it, of difficult decisions made by my coaches, of people who pushed me forward, of my friendship with the wind and of what happens behind the scenes of the Olympic Games.

How could I, as an athlete who much prefers to measure himself against himself than against others, still become so successful? I reveal the answer in this book. It has not only to do with the love of my sport or with luck. At the right moment, it takes a little more…


ISBN: 979-12-80864-07-9

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It feels so surreal that I will soon be holding my own story in print. It has been an incredible journey for Sascha and I to write this book and I sincerely hope that you will love it as much as we did!

It has been a great challenge to reconstruct, weave, research and follow the development of the stories in my memory, but it has been worth every single word.

Together we would like to thank the Athesia-Tappeiner publishing house for the trust they put in us and the sponsors who made the publication of the book possible.

In particular, our heartfelt thanks go to:

They supported our project without hesitation from the beginning.


I hope the book will take you into a world of sport in which you can lose yourself.

I am looking forward to your feedback. Maybe there will also be an English and Italian edition of this book.

Yours, Dominik